Ka-BOOM… here we go…
With a little knowledge and planning, selecting healthy low calorie alcoholic mixed drinks does not have to be as confusing as you may think. When it comes to alcoholic mixed drinks, several options carry as many calories as a fast food chicken sandwich or a slice of pie. Knowing what ingredients pack a fat and calorie punch can help you avoid doing serious damage to your diet.

1. Champagne

A regular 4 oz glass of this bubbly beverage has only 85 calories. That’s 15 calories fewer than the same size glass of wine and between 15 to 100 calories less than a 12 oz bottle of beer.

2. Martini

While many martinis have the reputation for being fat and calorically rich, this does not mean you have to avoid this drink altogether. Simply pick the right ingredients and sip away. One healthy version is the sour-apple martini. Combine 2½ oz of sour mix with ¾ oz each of sour apple liqueur and vodka. Garnish with a small slice of apple and you can enjoy a cocktail with around 160 calories.

3. Vodka and Soda

Your standard vodka and soda mixed beverage typically comes in at over 200 calories, but with a few swaps, you can craft a healthy cocktail that has less than 100 calories. Mix together 3 oz of your favorite vodka with a diet flavored carbonated water or a diet lemon-lime flavored soda.

4. Gin and Tonic

If a gin and tonic is your go-to drink, with a few tweaks you can enjoy this cocktail while still sticking to your diet plan. A standard 4 oz gin and tonic composed of 1 oz gin and 3 oz tonic comes in around 100 calories. If you are looking to make this drink even healthier, switch out the tonic for a diet tonic. When crafted with diet tonic, a 4 oz glass of this drink has roughly 35 calories.

5. Fizzy Lemonade

Nothing tastes better on a warm summer night than an ice-cold mixed drink. You don’t have to put the tequila on the back shelf during your diet with this version of a healthy lemonade drink. Mix together ½ oz of tequila, ½ oz of vodka and 1 tsp of agave nectar in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a glass with 2 oz of diet lemon-lime soda and you have yourself a fizzy lemonade tequila drink that is light on the calories.

6. Mojito

Mojitos are loaded with calories thanks to the abundance of simple syrup in the drink. The secret to making a healthy mojito is switching out the sugar for a healthier option, honey. Craft this feel-good drink by muddling one sliced lime and 2 tbsp of mint leaves with a morter and pestle. Combine ½ tsp of honey with 2 oz rum and 4 oz of club soda until honey is dissolved. Add in the mint mixture and pour into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and some extra mint and you have a 150 calorie mojito.

By having a few go-to healthy alcoholic mixed drinks in your back pocket, you’ll never draw a blank when ordering a drink, even when you are on a diet. Be aware that even though these drinks are low-calorie and low-fat choices, calories can add up quickly, so drink in moderation.